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LUXA 103-200 LUXA
PIR Motion 
Motion detector for wall installation
Order no.: 1030030
• Compatible with branded switches, replaces conventional light switches
• Automatic lighting control based on presence and brightness
• Large 200° detection area with a maximum 8 m diameter at installation height of 1.2 m max.
• Detection area can be limited using insertable segments, avoids the device being switched on unnecessarily
• Lighting control with adjustable light threshold value and adjustable run-on time
• Sensitivity can be reduced to limit detection area
• Integrated pulse control for controlling staircase timers, SPS etc.
• Setting controls protected by clover flap
• Manual AUTO/ON/OFF switching by simple adjustment of cover flap
• Instant start-up possible via factory preset
• Screw terminals with additional double screw terminal for easy feed-through wiring (support terminal)
• Housing colour: pure white
• Light switch output (relay 230 V~)
• With acoustic switch-off pre-warning 15 seconds before light switches off
• Expansion of detection area through integrated master/slave or master/master function when using up to 10 devices
• Blended light measurement suitable for the control of fluorescent, incandescent and halogen lamps

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Įmonė Vallin Baltic, UAB